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2000 - 2006 Volvo S60 S80 V70 XC70 Instrument Cluster Repair

volvo cluster repair vancouver

  • Blank or dim LCD displays.
  • SRS error message fault.
  • Intermittent power to complete unit.
  • Complete power failure.


These issues are caused by faulty SMD components fitted to the PCB of this dashboard.

Your instrument cluster will not lose any mileage or immobiliser data. You will not need to re-code the unit once you receive it backed repaired from us. Just plug and play.

IMPORTANT: Do not start the vehicle with the cluster removed. If you do start the vehicle, you will receive an SRS warning that can only be reset by a dealership when the repaired cluster is installed. Only the above issues are covered by this repair.

Please note: After repair is done, you will need to have the dealer clear the fault codes in the vehicle after reinstallation. Otherwise, the SRS (airbag) light will not turn off. This repair only applies to the issues listed above.

1 year warranty