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2001-2008 Chevrolet Corvette Delphi ABS Module Repair


Kelsey Hayes 325 ABS module


This is a repair service for the Delphi ABS module found on 2001 - 2008 Corvette, 2000 - 2005 Monte Carlo and 2000 - 2008 Cadillac Deville & Seville

The common symptoms of a failing ABS module are,

  • - ABS, Traction, Brake and Active Handling indicators illuminated on dash 
  • - Trouble codes C1214, C1215, C1216, C1217, C1218
  • - Loss of communication with module
  • - Loss of one or more wheel sensor inputs
  • - Intermittent functionality


Please send only the ABS module in for repair. Do not send the ABS pump. This will allow you to continue driving your vehicle. Just note that your ABS will not work with the module removed. Your brakes will function as conventional brakes without ABS.

1 year warranty on materials and workmanship
One day turn-around time