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2003 – 2006 GMC Instrument Cluster Repair

GMC Instrument Cluster Repair canada

From $125.00

This is a repair service for instrument clusters found on 2003 to 2006 GMC trucks and cars. You can choose from a singe gauge repair to a full rebuild. A full rebuild service includes all new lighting, all new updated stepper motors, and upgrades to the circuit board with areas that have known issues such as dim displays. We strongly recommend a full rebuild to avoid future repairs.

These instrument clusters have a common problem with one or more gauges sticking, giving incorrect or erratic readings, complete loss of power and dim odometer or PRNDL display. One by one all the gauges will fail over time. Replacing your instrument cluster with a used one is only a temporary fix because the parts in the replacement cluster will also fail just like they did in your original cluster. We will repair your cluster, replacing not only the failed components, but also repair other areas of the circuit board that have known issues.  There is no programming required if the cluster goes back into the original vehicle.  The odometer mileage remains unchanged.

LED Upgrade $30.00

We also offer an upgrade to LED backlighting as an option to the repair. Replacing the stock backlight bulbs with LEDs offers many advantages, more efficient than regular bulbs, up to 50% brighter and 75% cooler and are available in several colors.

IMPORTANT: We cannot repair odometers that display a "ERROR" message. Any previous repair attempts that have caused any damage to the cluster will incur additional repair charges.

LIFETIME warranty on the repairs.