Audi LCD Display Repair Canada
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1999 - 2006 Audi LCD Display Pixel Repair

Audi LCD Display Pixel Repair


  • Made by Jaeger and VDO companies, most center displays of instrument clusters start getting dim or missing characters making impossible to read warning messages. This service consists of replacing your faulty LCD display with a new high quality screen. Only replacement of display can solve this problem.

    This repair service only applies to the faulty/pixelated LCD panel and no other components.


• Audi A4 1999 - 2004

• Audi S4 1999 - 2004

• Audi A6 1999 - 2004

• Audi AllRoad 1999 - 2004

• Audi TT 2000 - 2006

1 year warranty on the repair.