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Frequently Asked Questions


Click "Buy Now" and proceed through the checkout process.
Print and fill out our Repair Form and place it inside the box.
Use the shipping label included with the repair form.
Package unit carefully with bubble wrap in a box.

If you decide to use a courier you MUST include a prepaid return shipping label. Sending a waybill alone will not work. We have had to pay the shipping charges on several occasions due to fraudulent accounts along with the inability to track the package and because of this we will no longer ship to reciever account numbers. Items sent without a prepaid return shipping label will be shipped back using Canada Post COD. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Q:  Why is your shipping address not listed on the website?
A:   Items have been shipped to us with no contact information and shipments have been delayed due to the owners being impossible to contact. Requiring the order to be placed in advance ensures that we will have the proper contact information for you, and it also ensures that the repair will not be delayed due to a billing issue.

Q:  Where is my item and when will I recieve it?
A:  Once your item has been repaired and shipped back you will recieve a COD shipping confirmation email from Canada Post along with the tracking number. Please do not call asking because we have no control over shipping times.

Q:  Do you work on older vehicles?
A:  We only work on 2000 and newer models.

  How long does it take to repair and ship my gauge cluster back to me?
A:  After we receive your cluster, it will be repaired and shipped back the next business day.

Q:  How long is the warranty?
A:  We offer a one year warranty on materials and workmanship for most repairs unless otherwise noted on the items page. No mileage limitations. We cannot warranty components and circuitry unrelated to the specific repair of symptoms described on the items page. Light bulbs have a limited lifespan, and are excluded from this warranty coverage. Shipping fees for items being returned for testing are the responsibility of the customer.

Read our Terms and Conditions here.

Not all items can be repaired. If your item is not repairable, we will refund your payment (less shipping costs and a $50 bench fee) and ship it back to you.